Printing from Photoshop Elements to Adobe PDF - dummies

Printing from Photoshop Elements to Adobe PDF

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

All the print options you have in Elements can be saved as PDF documents. Rather than collect printed paper documents for items such as calendars, greeting cards, and photo collages, you can make your creations and save to PDF files. You can then share these files on your social network connections.

To output a creation to PDF, you need a little help from another application. You have two choices in Windows:

  • Purchase Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro and use the Adobe PDF printer driver that’s installed with your program installation. Simply choose the Adobe PDF from the Select Printer drop-down menu in the Print dialog box and click OK. Your file is then printed to disk as a PDF file.

  • Download a free PDF printer driver, such as pdf995. You can find several PDF printer drivers available for free download by searching the Internet. After a driver is installed, it appears as a printer. You follow the same steps as for printing to Adobe PDF. Select the printer driver in the Print dialog box and click OK, and the file is then printed in PDF format.

Macintosh users don’t need to be concerned with printer drivers. Output to PDF is built into OS X. When you choose File→Print, click the PDF drop-down menu and select Save as PDF. Your file is saved as a PDF document that can be viewed in the free Adobe Reader software or with OS X’s Preview application.