Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer Preferences - dummies

Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer Preferences

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The set of Preferences that appears when you open the Organizer and choose Edit→Preferences or press Ctrl+K (Adobe Elements 10 Organizer→Preferences or Command+K on the Macintosh) differs from the Preferences available in Full Edit Mode. Initially, you may be confused because the dialog box that opens when you work in the Organizer is also named Preferences.

However, a quick glance at the dialog box shows you a different set of choices.

When you open the Full Photo Edit or Quick Photo Edit mode and press Ctrl+K (Command+K on the Macintosh) to open the Preferences dialog box, pressing Ctrl (Command)+K+0 (zero) opens the Organizer Preferences. After you make a preference adjustment in the Organizer Preferences and click OK — or you click Cancel or press the Esc key to dismiss the dialog box — you’re returned to the Editing mode’s Preferences dialog box.

After opening the Organizer press Ctrl(Command)+K to open the Organizer Preferences dialog box. Alternatively, you can choose Edit→Preferences (Adobe Elements 10 Organizer→Preferences on the Macintosh) or press Ctrl+K (Command+K on the Macintosh) in the Organizer window to open the Organizer Preferences dialog box.


The Organizer Preferences dialog box allows you to toggle through a number of panes in the same way the Edit Preferences dialog box does. Click the names in the list on the left side of the dialog box to open the respective panes on the right. At the bottom of the dialog box, you find items that are common to all panes in the Preferences dialog box. These include

  • Restore Default Settings: Click Restore Default Settings to change all panes to their original defaults.

  • OK: Click OK to accept new changes.

  • Cancel: If you click Cancel in any pane, any changes you made aren’t registered.

  • Help: Click Help to open the Help window and find information about Organize & Share preferences.