Photoshop Elements 10 Help - dummies

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Rather than accumulate a library of Elements books, all you need to do is look within Elements to find valuable help information quickly and easily. If you’re stuck on understanding a feature, ample help documents are only a mouse-click away and can help you overcome some frustrating moments.

Photoshop Elements 10 Help Menu

Your first stop in exploring the helpful information Elements provides is on the Help menu. On this menu, you can find several menu commands that offer information:

  • Photoshop Elements Help. Choose Help→Photoshop Elements Help or press the F1 key (Windows) or the Help key (Macintosh) to open the Elements Help file. You can type a search topic and press Enter to display a list of items that provide helpful information about the searched words.

    For quick access to the Help document, type the text you want to search into the text box on the right side of the menu bar in Full Photo Edit or Quick Photo Edit mode.

  • Key Concepts. When you open the Photoshop Elements Key Concepts, a web page opens in your default web browser and provides many web pages with definitions of terms and concepts.

  • Support. This menu command launches your default web browser and takes you to the Adobe website, where you can find information about Elements, problems reported by users, and some workaround methods for getting a job done.

    You can find additional web-assisted help information by clicking Photoshop Elements Online and Online Learning Resources. The vast collection of web pages on Adobe’s website offers you assistance, tips and techniques, and solutions to many problems that come with editing images. Be sure to spend some time browsing these web pages.

  • Video Tutorials. Choose Help→Video Tutorials to open a web page where videos for common tasks are hosted on Adobe’s website.

  • Forum. Choose Help→Forum to explore user comments and questions with answers to many common problems.

Photoshop Elements 10 Tool Tips

While you move your cursor around tools and panels, pause a moment before clicking the mouse. A slight delay in your actions produces a tool tip. Elements provides this sort of dynamic help when you pause the cursor before moving to another location.