Photomerge Style Match Command in Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Photomerge Style Match Command in Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

With Photomerge Style Match command in Photoshop Elements 10, you can match or apply the style of one image onto another image. It is hard to explain exactly what Adobe defines as “style,” but basically tonal properties are transferred from one image to another. But rather than read a definition of the feature, it’s best to spend a couple minutes trying it.

Here are the steps to transfer a style from one image onto another:

  1. Select a photo from your Project Bin onto which you would like to transfer a style.

  2. In any of the edit modes, choose File→New→Photomerge Style Match.

  3. Your selected photo appears in the right window as your source (After) image.

  4. Drag an image from the Style Bin to the left window to act as your sample (Style) image from which your desired style will be transferred.

    To add more images to the Style Bin, click the green plus sign and choose to add sample images from either the Organizer or your hard drive.

  5. Adjust the following sliders:

    • Style Intensity. Specifies the intensity or strength of the style transfer. Keep the number low to blend more of the original image with the styled image.

    • Style Clarity. Specifies how clearly the style transfer appears.

    • Style Details. Enhances or decreases details in the styled image.

      Note that the results depend on your chosen images, so experiment with the preceding options to get your desired result.

  6. Further define the styled image by adjusting the following options under Basic mode:

    • Style Eraser. Paint with this tool to erase the style from areas on your source image.

    • Style Painter. Paint with this tool to add the style to areas on your source image.

    • Soften Stroke Edges. Drag the slider to clean up your image and remove any seams between the styled and original image areas.

    • Transfer Tones. Select the check box to transfer the tonal values of the source image onto the styled image.

  7. You can use more than one image as your sample image. To do so, simply repeat Steps 4 through 6.

  8. Again, if you make a mess of things, click the Reset button.

  9. When you’re satisfied with the result, click Done.

    The file opens as a new file in Elements.