PDF Readers, Devices, and Photoshop Elements 11 - dummies

PDF Readers, Devices, and Photoshop Elements 11

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Whether you export images as slide shows, photos, or videos from Photoshop Elements 11, a PDF reader can be helpful. Obviously, if you export a slide show to PDF, you need a PDF reader, but some PDF viewers also support other formats, such as movie file formats.

Adobe Systems has yet to develop a PDF reader for iOS devices. If you use an iPhone/iPod/iPad, you can use the built-in iOS support or acquire a third-party PDF reader. If you use an Android device, Adobe has developed a free Adobe Reader that you can download to your device. For application downloads on Android devices, consult your device documentation.

Use PDF viewers with iOS devices

On iPhone and iPad, you can view folders of photos as a slide show automatically with the press of a button. You can also play music from your music library of songs as the slide shows are shown. Both iPhone and iPad remember that last tune you used when you viewed your slide show.

The downside is that when you change the song to view other slide shows, the new music selection is used for all slide shows.

Elements is helpful when you want a complete slide show with embedded music that plays the same each time you open the slide show no matter what choices you have for a default music play. You can create new slide shows with different music backgrounds in Elements, and the music is specific to each slide show.


GoodReader by Good-iWare LTD is one of the best PDF viewers and provides you with many options for viewing your Elements creations. GoodReader is available for both iPhone and iPad and costs $4.99 — much less than some other PDF viewers you can find in the Apple App Store. In addition, you can also view PDFs natively in iOS when the files are added to your iBooks library.

GoodReader and many other PDF viewers use a web browser and Wi-Fi connection for file uploads. Follow these steps to upload files:

  1. Launch GoodReader on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and press the WiFi Transfer button in the lower-left area of the screen.

    Keep the window open on your device as you upload files.

  2. On your computer, open a web browser and type an IP address in the web browser address bar specified by the PDF Reader.

    This IP address will be similar to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:8080, where x is reported as a number.

    You use a web browser on your computer to transfer the files to an iDevice.

    The IP address is reported back to you in the GoodReader screen, and the port number (:8080) is added at the end of the address.

  3. Press the Return/Enter button on your computer when the address is added to the address bar in your browser.

  4. Click the Choose File button to navigate your hard drive and locate the file you want to upload.

  5. Select a file and click Choose in the next screen that appears.

    The filename appears in the web browser window.

  6. To upload the file to the device, click the Upload button.


Use PDF readers with Android devices

The Adobe PDF Reader for Android devices is a bit of a disappointment in the first release. Adobe will eventually develop a more robust Adobe Reader for both iOS devices and Android devices.

What you can do presently is view PDF documents. However, any animation you create for PDF slide shows isn’t available. The figure shows a screenshot of a PDF slide shown on a Galaxy Tab. To see the different slides, you need to swipe the screen. There’s not much difference between viewing a PDF slide show and viewing photos in your Galaxy Tab Gallery.