Organize Photos and Media with Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Organize Photos and Media with Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Several years ago, photos for the average user took up less space on hard drives and fewer images needed organizing. Photos and media, over the past decade, have become the primary data source on the average consumer’s computer. People grab a ton of images with digital cameras and smart phones, import videos from cameras and phones, and now they are capturing both photos and other media with tablets.

With Facebook claiming over one-half billion users, you can easily understand how important photos are to computer users.

For many people, a single internal hard drive doesn’t offer enough space to store cherished memories, whether in the form of pictures, videos, or sound and music files. You need more storage space and you need to organize your files, first on hard drives, and then later in Photoshop Elements.

Fortunately, the price of large capacity drives is well within the reach of most people who own a computer, digital camera, and smart phone. One of the best things you can do to accommodate your photography collection is to invest in a 500GB to 2TB USB drive and attach it to your computer.

Use the drive only for your photos, videos, and other media, and don’t bother copying other data files to it. You can always disconnect a USB drive and use another drive for other kinds of data files.

Even if you store photos on your computer’s internal hard drive, organizing the photos in folders will help you manage them efficiently before you get into the Elements Organizer.

Regardless of whether you store your photos on a separate drive, you should look at organizing files in folders first before you start working with Elements. How you label your folders is a personal choice.

You may want to name the folders by years and use subfolders for organizing photos by events, locations, photo content, and so on. Here, you can see just one example of how you might organize your photos on a hard drive.


Your initial hard drive arrangement of folders and subfolders for your photos and media will make the enormous task of organizing content much easier in Photoshop Elements.