How to Reduce Shake in Photoshop Elements 14

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Wondering what is the best feature in Photoshop Elements 14? Hands down, it’s the Shake Reduction command. Although cellphones have revolutionized the ease and convenience in snapping quick pics of life’s best moments, many of those images suffer from either poor lighting or blur caused by moving the phone and, therefore, the camera. The new Shake Reduction command does an amazingly good job in correcting that blur.

Here is the scoop on how to use it:

  1. Open an image in Expert or Quick mode.

  2. Choose Enhance → Shake Reduction.

    The Shake Reduction dialog box appears.

    In the Shake Reduction dialog box, a bounding box surrounds the area that is used for sampling shake detection. This is referred to as a shake region.

  3. Resize the bounding box, as needed, by dragging a handle.

  4. Specify your Sensitivity setting by adjusting the slider.

    If your image is very blurry, Sliding right will increase the extent of the blur that is fixed.

  5. To add additional shake region for sampling, click the bounding box icon to the left of the Zoom tool (magnifying glass icon) and drag around your desired area on your image.

    Use the Zoom to zoom in and out of your image. To delete a shake region click the center “pin” and then click the delete icon in the top-right corner of the bounding box.

  6. Toggle your Before and After button to check your results and then click OK.

    Check out how the slightly blurry image of Japan’s crazy plastic food was greatly improved.

    Fix blur caused by camera movement with Shake Reduction.

    Fix blur caused by camera movement with Shake Reduction.