How to Organize Images in Photoshop Elements 9 with Keyword Tags - dummies

How to Organize Images in Photoshop Elements 9 with Keyword Tags

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Photoshop Elements enables you to organize images by using keyword tags. After you acquire your images in the Organizer, sort them and add keyword tags according to the dates you took the pictures, the subject matter, or some other arrangement. In the Organizer window, the Keyword Tags panel helps you sort your pictures and keep them well organized.

1Open photos in the Organizer.

Open the Organizer window by clicking the Organizer button in an editing mode or by selecting Organize on the Welcome screen. Use the File→Get Photos and Videos→From Files and Folders command to open the photos.

2To create a new keyword tag, click the plus sign (+) icon in the Keyword Tags panel and choose New Keyword Tag.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+N (cmd+N) to create a new keyword tag. The Create Keyword Tag dialog box opens.

3Specify a category.

Click the Category drop-down menu and choose one of the preset categories listed in the menu.

4Type a name for the tag in the Name text box.

You might use the location where you took the photos, the subject matter, or other descriptive information for the tag.

5If you want to add a Note, type in the Note text box.

Notes offer an opportunity to add descriptions for your tags.

6Click OK in the Create Keyword Tag dialog box.

You return to the Organizer window.

7In the Organizer window, select the photos you want to keyword tag.

Click a photo and Shift-click another photo to select photos in a group. Click a photo and Ctrl-click (cmd-click on the Mac) to select nonsequential photos.

8To add a new keyword tag to a photo (or photos), click one of the selected photos in the Organizer window and drag the photo thumbnail to the New Tag icon on the Keyword Tags panel.

Alternatively, you can drag a tag to the selected photos. When you release the mouse button, the photos are added to the new keyword tag.

9Repeat Steps 2 through 6 to create keyword tags for all the images you want to organize.

To view one or more keyword tags, click the empty square adjacent to a keyword tag icon to show the photos within that group in the Organizer window. All photos matching the keyword tags are shown in the Organizer window.