How to Import Additional Photos from Folders to Photoshop Elements 12

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

To edit photos in Photoshop Elements, you need to import them into the Photoshop Elements Organizer. Suppose you have your folders organized and photos copied to various folders. You take some more pictures of family members and want to add these photos to a folder you already have labeled as Family. To add pictures to a folder on your hard drive, follow these steps:

  1. Copy photos from a CD, a media card, or an external media drive to your hard drive.

    This example copies photos to a folder labeled Family.

  2. In the Organizer, choose File→Get Photos and Videos→From Files and Folders.

    The Get Photos and Videos from Files and Folders dialog box opens.

  3. Select the folder on your hard drive where you copied the new photos.

    In this case, select the folder labeled Family.

  4. Click the Get Media button.

    The Getting Media dialog box appears and the photos are added to the Organizer.

  5. Click OK in the Getting Media dialog box.

    Photoshop Elements is smart enough to import only new images into the Organizer, as shown in the figure. Any images you previously imported from a given folder are listed in the Getting Media dialog box, and you’re informed that the old images will not be imported.