How to Get Photoshop Elements Help in Guided Mode

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Guided panel in Photoshop Elements 11 provides you easy control over important editing tasks that you perform routinely when working on images. Click the Guided button at the top of the Photo Editor window. The Guided workspace opens and reveals the panel of available guided edits.


As shown, Adobe simplified the previously confusing Guided panel into three workflows. Within each workflow, you will find edits that relate to the respective workflow. Here are your choices:

  • Touchups: Here you find the kinds of edits frequently used to fix and retouch photos. Cropping, rotating, correcting contrast and color, fixing flaws, and sharpening photos are part of this group.

  • Photo Effects: With these edits, you can easily apply a variety of different filters that produce many different effects, such as line drawings, old-fashioned photos, saturated film, and others. Elements 11 offers four new edits — High Key, Low Key, Tilt-Shift ,and Vignette.

  • Photo Play: This category includes edits with several effects that are pure fun, such as taking a single photo and splitting it into several (picture stack), turning your image into pop art, creating a reflection of your image, and having part of a photo appear as if it were jumping out of the frame (out of bounds).

    In Elements 11, Automated Actions have been moved to Expert mode.

Here are few general tips to keep in mind when working in Guided mode:

  • In applying any guided edit, choose Unit→Undo to undo a particular step.

  • To reset the particular panel, click the Reset icon (blue curved arrow) in the top right of the Guided panel.

  • To view an online video tutorial, click the white arrow on a blue square icon located in the top right of the Guided panel.

  • For Help, click the question mark icon located in the top right of the Guided panel.