How to Change View Options in the Photoshop Elements Organizer - dummies

How to Change View Options in the Photoshop Elements Organizer

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The View menu in the Photoshop Elements 11 Organizer is where you want to look for changing views and sorting images according to different preset views.

  • Media types: The Media Browser displays thumbnail previews and icons for Photos, Videos, Audio files, Projects, and PDF documents. Choose View→Media Types and check the types you want to display in the Media Browser or uncheck to hide the file. If you want only photos shown in the Media Browser, click each of the other media types in the Media Types submenu.

  • Hidden files: Some files, such as different versions of the same document, may be hidden from view. Select View→Hidden Files, and you can make choices for hiding files, showing all files, or show only the hidden files.

  • Sort by: You have two choices from the submenu options when you choose View→Sort By. Sort files according to the Newest or the Oldest files added to the Organizer.

  • Details: You may want to keep the Details display as a default. Details displays star ratings if you rated files from 1 to 5 stars, dates the photos were taken, and the filename. Here, you can see a file with the Details on the left and the same file without Details on the right as they appear in the Media Browser.

    Notice that adding Details takes up a bit more vertical space. However, the tradeoff is slight when you review large catalogs and want to locate files by ratings, creation dates, or filenames.


  • Timeline view: Choose View→Timeline, and horizontal timeline appears above the Media Browser with a slider. View All Media in the catalog; you can adjust the slider to narrow the thumbnail views to specific date periods.

  • Gridlines: Here, you see lines dividing the thumbnail images into rectangles. When viewing Details, also shown, the Grid Line view makes it easy to understand what detail belongs to a given thumbnail.


  • Expanding and collapsing stacks: You can stack photos like a deck of cards, with only the top image appearing in the Media Browser. You can select two or more photos and stack them by choosing Edit→Stack→Stacked Selected Photos. You can also have Elements automatically stack photos when importing media into the Organizer.

    The View→Expand All Stacks command expands stacks so that all photos within stacks are shown. Choosing View→Collapse All Stacks returns the stacks to a collapsed view.