How to Apply a Layer Style in Photoshop Elements 11 - dummies

How to Apply a Layer Style in Photoshop Elements 11

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

In Photoshop Elements 11, you have four different photo layer style libraries from which you can choose styles. Here are the steps to apply a style and a description of each of the style libraries:

  1. In the Photo Editor, in Expert mode, select an image or type layer on the Layers panel.

  2. Choose Window→Effects.

    You can also click the Effects icon (fx symbol) in the bottom right of the workspace.

  3. Select the Styles button at the top of the Effects panel.

  4. Select a library of styles from the drop-down menu at the top of the panel:

    • Bevels: Adds a three-dimensional edge on the outside or inside edges of the contents of a layer, giving the element some dimension. Embossed styles make elements appear as though they’re raised off or punched into the page.

      You can change the appearance of these styles, depending on the type of bevel chosen. Adjust attributes, such as the lighting angle, distance (how close the shadow is to the layer contents), size, bevel direction, and opacity.

    • Drop and Inner Shadows: Add a soft drop or an inner shadow to a layer. Choose from an ordinary shadow or one that includes noise, neon, or outlines. You can adjust the lighting angle, distance, size, and opacity.

    • Outer and Inner Glows: Add a soft halo that appears on the outside or inside edges of your layer contents. Adjust the appearance of the glow by changing the lighting angle, size, and opacity of the glow.

    • *Visibility: Click Show, Hide, or Ghosted to display, hide, or partially show the layer contents. The layer style remains fully displayed.

    • Complex and others: The remaining layer styles are a group of different effects ranging from simple glass buttons to the more exotic effects, such as Groovy and Rose Impressions. You can customize all these layer styles somewhat by adjusting the various settings, which are similar to those for other styles in this list.

  5. On the Effects panel, double-click a style or drag the style onto the image.

    The style, with its default settings, is applied to the layer. Note that styles are cumulative. You can apply multiple styles — specifically, one style from each library — to a single layer.

    You can also apply styles to type layers, and the type layer doesn’t need to be simplified. This is an advantage over Effects because you can retain the type’s editability.