Distort an Image with the Photoshop Elements 11 Liquify Filter - dummies

Distort an Image with the Photoshop Elements 11 Liquify Filter

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Liquify filter in Photoshop Elements 11 lets you push and pull on parts of an image; twist, turn, and pinch other parts; and bloat and reflect others. You can basically manipulate an image as though it were pliable saltwater taffy. And, although these actions would create worthwhile entertainment on their own, you can use the Liquify filter to perform some productive tasks.

Liquify is as easy to apply as finger paint after you play with it a little. Here’s a step-by-step scenario of the things you might do to apply some distortion to an image of your own:

1Select and open in the Photo Editor an image you want to distort, in either Expert or Quick mode. In the Layers panel, select a layer.

If you don’t want to distort the whole layer, you can select part of it.

2Choose Filter→Distort→Liquify.

The Liquify dialog box appears with the image in the preview area.

3Choose a distortion weapon of choice and specify options in the Tool Options area.

Remember to adjust the brush size and pressure to get the exact coverage you want.

4If you take the distortions a little too far, select the Reconstruct tool to partially or fully reverse or modify your distortions.

Note that the reconstruction occurs faster at the center of the brush’s diameter. To partially reconstruct an image, set a low brush pressure and watch closely while the mouse drags across the distorted areas.

5Apply the distortion to the image by clicking OK and exiting the Liquify dialog box.

If you mucked up and want to start again, click the Revert button to return to the original, unaltered image. This action also resets the tools to their previous settings.