Creation-Assembly Basics for Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Creation-Assembly Basics for Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Creations in Photoshop Elements 10 such as photo books, photo collages, photo calendars, greeting cards, and PhotoStamps are intended for output to either print or screen sharing.

When you make a creation that will ultimately be sent to an online service for printing or shared with other users, keep in mind that you must first select the photos you want in your creation.

For example, creating a photo book by clicking the Photo Book button on the Create panel first requires you to select photos. If you happen to click a button and nothing happens, it’s more than likely that you haven’t selected any photos.

Many creation options follow a similar set of steps to produce a file that is shared with other users or sent to an online printing service. In the Panels Bin, you can find all you need to make a new project by choosing layouts and producing a creation. Here are the common tasks you’ll find when making a choice from both the Create and Share panels:

  • Select photos. In the Organizer, select the photos you want to use for your creation. Sort photos or use keyword tags to simplify finding and selecting photos you want to use for a creation.

  • Click a choice in the Create tab. Click the Create tab, and the Create panel in the Panel Bin opens. Click an option for the type of creation you want — Photo Book, Photo Calendar (Windows only), Greeting Card, Photo Collage, and so on.

  • Choose a size. After you select the kind of creation you want to make, a wizard opens where options choices are made. In the left column choose a size for the output. The example uses Photo Book as a choice, and the sizes are displayed in the left column.

  • Choose a theme/layout. Many of the creation options provide you with a selection of templates you can use for creations. When you click a creation option on the Create panel, the panel changes to display choices for various themes, backgrounds, and borders. You make choices by clicking the theme or background. Here you can see the Theme column for a Photo Book creation.


  • Number of pages. Elements automatically creates the number of pages to accommodate the number of photos you selected in the Organizer or have open in Full Photo Edit mode. Note that some creations require a minimum number of photos to produce a project. Photo Book, for example, requires a minimum of 18 pages.

  • Choose options in the Create Panel. After you click OK, the Create panel changes and displays four tabs. The first tab is the Pages tab. You can add or delete pages in this tab. The remaining tabs are used to change the Layout, add Artwork, and add Text. Explore each tab and choose options available for editing your creation.


  • Click the output option. At the bottom of the panel click Done to save the file, Print to print the creation, or Order to place an online order. Before the output is generated look over the preview of your creation in the Pages tab.