Create Subcategories in Photoshop Elements 12 - dummies

Create Subcategories in Photoshop Elements 12

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

In Photoshop Elements 12, tags have been refined. Earlier versions of Elements offered a panel with tags listed in a linear order and non-grouped. With Elements 12, the Tags panel is divided into four categories: Keywords, People Tags, Places Tags, and Events Tags.

A category tag is at the top of the tag hierarchy. Below a category, you can add subcategories, and each subcategory can have subcategories below it. For example, you may want to create separate tags for different people in the People Tags category. You can’t use custom icons, and you’re restricted to using the icons provided by Elements.

Here’s how to add a new category and subcategory:

  1. From one of the Tags panel drop-down menus (+ icon), choose New Category.

    This example uses People Tags, so select Family and then click the plus (+) icon to add a new tag name. The Create Sub-Category Name dialog box then opens.

  2. Provide a name in the Sub-Category Name dialog box and choose a group from the Parent Group or Sub-Category drop-down menu.

  3. Click OK and repeat these steps until you create all the subcategories you want.

    Notice that you don’t have options for creating custom icons or for adding icons provided by Elements. All the subcategory icons are predefined for you, as shown in the figure, where three subcategories appear on the People Tags panel.