Create Custom Tags in Photoshop Elements 12 - dummies

Create Custom Tags in Photoshop Elements 12

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Custom tags are those tags you create in the Tags panel. Photoshop Elements also offers you a number of preset tags that you can use to tag your photos; those are default tags.

You can manage tags by using menu commands from the Tags panel drop-down menu (click the down arrow adjacent to one of the + icons) and other commands from a contextual menu that you open by right-clicking a tag on the Tags panel.

In the Tags panel drop-down menu, you can access these commands:

  • New Keyword Tag: Create a new tag.

  • New Sub-Category: A subcategory is like a nested bookmark. Create a subcategory by choosing New Sub-Category from the New menu; a dialog box opens, prompting you to type a name for the new subcategory.

    As an example of how you would use tags and subcategories, you might have a tag named Uncle Joe’s Wedding. Then you might create subcategories for Bride Dressing Room, Ceremony, Family Photos, Reception, and so on.

  • New Category: Choose New Category to open a dialog box that prompts you to type a name for the new category. By default, you can find predefined category names for People, Places, Events, and Other. If you want to add your own custom categories, use this menu command.

  • Edit: Choose Edit to open the Edit Keyword Tag dialog box.

  • Import Keyword Tags from File: If you export a tag, the file is written as XML (eXtensible Markup Language). When you choose From File, you can import an XML version of a tags file.

  • Save Keyword Tags to a File: You can save tags to a file that you can retrieve with the Import Keyword Tags from File command. This option is handy when you open a different catalog file and want to import the same collection names created in one catalog file to another catalog file.

  • Collapse All Keyword Tags: Tags appear like bookmark lists that can be collapsed and expanded. An expanded list shows you all the subcategory tags. Choose Collapse All Keyword Tags to collapse the list.

  • Expand All Keyword Tags: This command expands a collapsed list.

  • Show Large Icon: Click this option to display the tag icons larger in the Tags panel. When you change the view to large icons, you see the custom edits you make when editing an icon.

Tags are saved automatically with the catalog you work with. By default, Elements creates a catalog and automatically saves your work to it. If you happen to create another catalog, your tags disappear. Be aware of which catalog is open when you create tags in order to return to them.