Copy Files to Folders in the Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

After files are copied to folders, you can easily get the photos into the Organizer Media Browser. To add files to the Organizer, choose File→Get Photos and Videos→From Files and Folders, or press Ctrl+Shift+G (Command+Shift+G on the Macintosh).


When you use this command, you see a navigation screen where you can browse your hard drive. You can elect to import individual images, a single folder of photos, or a folder and all its subfolders.

When you add files to the Organizer, the image thumbnails are links to the files stored on your drive. They are not the complete image data. Your catalog in Elements grows as you add more images, but the growth is miniscule compared to the photo file sizes.

You can also copy files from CDs and DVDs using the Get Photos and Videos→From Files and Folders command. By default, the Get Photos and Videos from Files and Folders dialog box copies your media to your hard drive.

You can uncheck Copy Files on Import so that only thumbnail images will appear in the Media Browser. In order to edit a photo, you have to reconnect the CD or DVD to your computer. If you elect to copy the images, the photos are available for editing each time you start a new Elements session.