Contextual Menus in Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Contextual Menus in Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Contextual menus are common to many programs, and Photoshop Elements is no exception. They’re those little menus that appear when you right-click (Control-click on a Macintosh with a one-button mouse), offering commands and tools related to whatever area or tool you right-clicked.

The contextual menus are your solution when you may be in doubt about where to find a command on a menu. You just right-click an item, and a shortcut menu opens. Before you become familiar with Photoshop Elements and you’re struggling to find a menu command, always try to first open a contextual menu and look for the command you want on that menu.

Because contextual menus provide commands respective to the tool you’re using or the object or location you’re clicking, the menu commands change according to the tool or feature you’re using and where you click at the moment you open a contextual menu.

Here you can see the contextual menu that appears after you create a selection marquee and right-click that marquee in the image window. Notice that the commands are all related to selections.