Common Photoshop Elements 10 Setup Attributes for Sharing - dummies

Common Photoshop Elements 10 Setup Attributes for Sharing

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Create and Share panels in Photoshop Elements 10 are available in both Full Photo Edit mode and the Organizer. Options available to you in the panels are almost identical in each editing space. Some differences are in the Create and Share options available on Windows and the Macintosh.

Slide shows and flipbooks are not available on the Macintosh. You also have less support for burning files to CDs and DVDs on the Macintosh using the Share panel.


When you choose an option in the Share panel by clicking one of the buttons, one of two interfaces appears. Some choices provide you options within the Share panel, and other choices open a window where you log on to an account for sharing photos.

Those choices, such as Online Album, Email Attachments, and Photo Mail, provide editing options directly in the Share panel. The choices for sharing photos open windows for logging on to your account and proceeding through steps to prepare and upload images.