Auto Sharpen Command as One-Step Auto Fix - dummies

Auto Sharpen Command as One-Step Auto Fix

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Auto Sharpen Command is just one of five automatic lighting-, contrast-, and color-correction tools provided by Photoshop Elements 10 to improve the appearance of your images with just one menu command. These commands are available in either Full Photo Edit or Quick Photo Edit mode, and are all available on the Enhance menu.

These one-step correctors are extremely easy to use. You don’t need to know about color or contrast to use them. The downside to using these correctors is that sometimes the result isn’t as good as a manual color-correction method. Sometimes these correctors may even make your image look worse than before by giving you unusual shifts in color.

Photos taken with a digital camera or scanned on a flatbed scanner often suffer from a case of overly soft focus. Sharpening gives the illusion of increased focus by increasing the contrast between pixels. Auto Sharpen attempts to improve the focus without overdoing it. What happens when you oversharpen? Your images go from soft to grainy and noisy.


Always make sharpening your last fix after you make all your other fixes and enhancements.