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Archive Your Nature Photography Work with Photoshop Elements

By Doug Sahlin

Your computer can fail at the least opportune moment. Archive your nature and landscape photographs so that your images are not lost. You can back up your Photoshop Elements catalog to a hard drive.

It’s best to save to an external hard drive that is used for nothing but archiving images. Take the hard drive offline when you’re not using it. Archive your Photoshop Elements catalog by following these steps:

1Launch the Organizer workspace and then choose File→Backup Catalog to Hard Drive.

The Backup Catalog to Hard Drive dialog appears. Your choices are Full Backup and Incremental Backup. When you back up for the first time, you need to perform a full backup. After the initial backup, use an incremental backup.

When you do an incremental backup, Photoshop Elements compares the source drive on your computer to the previous backup. New files from the catalog are added, and old files that have been changed are updated during an incremental backup.

2After choosing the desired backup option, click Next.

The Destination Settings section of the Backup Catalog Wizard appears.

3Select the destination drive from the available drives listed in the Select Destination Drive section.

This is a list of available drives on or attached to your computer. I strongly suggest you back up to an external drive. If you back up to your computer hard drive and it fails, the backup is worthless.

4In the Options section, specify the following options:

Name: Enter a name for the catalog or accept the default name: My Catalog. Backup Path: This option is available if you’re backing up to a hard drive. You can browse for an existing folder or create a new folder. Previous Backup File: This option is available when you do an incremental backup. Navigate to and select the original backup file.

5Click Save Backup.

Photoshop Elements backs up the image files and the associated data to the specified folder.

If you ever need to restore the catalog, choose File→Restore Catalog from Hard Drive. After you invoke the command, you’ll be prompted to locate the backup file and then specify where to restore the files.