Adobe Photoshop Elements Create Panel - dummies

Adobe Photoshop Elements Create Panel

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers you a number of creations that you can share onscreen or in print. To see the creations available on the Create panel, as shown, click the Create tab above the Panel Bin. Like the Share panel, the Create panel is available from either the Organizer or the Photo Editor.


Macintosh users finally can create slide shows. Now, the Create panel offers identical options in Windows and the Mac. The Facebook Cover creation is also new in Elements 13. Using this Create option, you can create and upload images for a Facebook Cover and profile picture by following some simple guided steps.

The magic of it all is that this feature permits you to precisely place the profile picture on top of the cover image, and the files are sized perfectly for display on your Facebook page.