Adjust Contrast and Color with Photoshop Elements Levels Adjustment - dummies

Adjust Contrast and Color with Photoshop Elements Levels Adjustment

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Levels adjustment in Photoshop Elements 11 is one of the most effective commands in correcting the contrast of an image. You often use Levels on adjustment layers. Creating an adjustment layer and applying settings from the Levels dialog box can be a little confusing. The Guided panel, fortunately, breaks down the complicated steps into easy-to-follow instructions to assist you in making the edits.

Here’s an overview of how you can edit along with help from the panel:

1Select the Levels option in the Guided panel.

The panel view changes to the one shown. Here you find helpful information explaining how to use the Levels dialog box and what the histograms mean.

2Read the information contained in the panel.

When you start with this edit, read all the help information before you make the adjustments.

3Click the Create Levels Adjustment Layer button.

The New Layer dialog box opens.

4Type a name for the new adjustment layer and then click OK.

The Levels dialog box opens.

5From the information you obtained in the Guided panel, move the shadows (black triangle), midtones (gray triangle), or highlights (white triangle) sliders in the Levels dialog box to make your corrections.

Click OK to accept the corrections and exit the Levels dialog box. Or if you’ve mucked things up, you can click Reset to start again. Click Done in the Levels panel to get back to the main panel.