Add Keywords to Your Landscape Photos - dummies

By Doug Sahlin

Keywords keep you organized, especially when you want to find photographs. For example, if you take photos of Yosemite National Park, you could use Yosemite as your keyword. When you have hundreds of images of Yosemite National Park spread over the course of several months or years, stored in different folders, the keyword will make it easy for you to locate all those pictures.

Photoshop Elements has some keyword categories built in. For nature and landscape photography, your primary concern will be the Places category. Add your own keywords to the Places category, and apply them to images by following these steps:

1On the Keyword Tags panel, click the keyword category under which you want to create the keyword.

Don’t click the space next to the keyword. That’s used to find images with that keyword.

2Click the green plus sign (+).

The Keyword drop-down menu appears.

3Choose New Keyword Tag from the drop-down menu.

This opens the Create Keyword Tag dialog.

4Enter the keyword text in the Name field.

We’re landscape and nature photographers. The name of the place in which the photograph was taken is logical. If the photos in your shoot are birds, the name of the bird would be the keyword for this batch of photos.

5Click OK.

The new keyword is added to the group, with a question mark for an icon. The icon changes as soon as you apply the keyword to an image.

6Continue adding keywords as needed.

Add keywords to all your nature and landscape images. You never know when you can use a three-star image you normally wouldn’t edit as part of a collage. Keywords make it easy to find images.