Questions to Ask a Bulldog Breeder - dummies

Questions to Ask a Bulldog Breeder

By Susan M. Ewing

Part of Bulldogs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When looking for a Bulldog puppy, find a reputable breeder. You want a breeder with experience in breeding Bulldogs in particular, and someone who is giving pups a good start so they are healthy, well-bred, and well-adjusted. Ask the breeder the following questions before deciding on your Bulldog puppy:

  • How long have you been breeding? Is breeding a business or a hobby for you? How often do your dogs produce a litter? Done right, no breeder is going to be able to make a living breeding Bulldogs. If she says that breeding is a business, look for another breeder.

  • Is this breed right for me? A good breeder wants all her puppies to go to permanent homes. Asking this question gives her a chance to ask a few of her own and to talk about the negative aspects of owning a Bulldog.

  • May I meet the parents or at least the mother of the puppies? Any adult dog you meet should be friendly, not shy or fearful. Most breeders should be willing to grant your request.

  • Where do you raise the puppies? Have the breeder show you the kennel area when she shows you the puppies. If the breeder brings out individual puppies and won’t show you where they live, find another breeder.

  • May I see the pedigree and registration form? If you’re thinking of showing your Bully, a pedigree ensures that you are getting a purebred Bulldog.

  • Will I receive a health record? Your breeder provides a health record with each puppy, showing what vaccinations have been given, and the dates the puppies were wormed.

  • How old are the puppies? A puppy needs to stay with his mother and siblings until he is at least seven weeks old. If the breeder is selling younger puppies, find another breeder.

  • What happens if I can’t keep the dog? Most reputable breeders will take back any dog of their breeding at any time.