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How to Help Your Dog Have Healthy Teeth

By Margaret H. Bonham

Beyond brushing your dog’s teeth, you can help keep your canine companion’s canines clean in a variety of ways. Most of the methods have something to do with feeding your dog the right kind of food and giving him appropriate kinds of chews:

  • Provide dental toys intended to reduce plaque and tartar.

    Some toys are made so that you can squeeze doggie toothpaste into them, so they sometimes take the place of brushing. Busy Buddy, Kong toys, and Nylabone all have products intended to clean teeth.

  • Feed certain premium dog foods.

    Some premium dog foods have additives that make their products more dental friendly by making them more abrasive. Hill’s and Iams each markets a dental dog food, and so do many other brands.

  • Treat with tartar-control biscuits.

    Many pet food manufacturers have come up with tartar-control biscuits and snacks.

  • Give appropriate kinds of dog chews.

    Some chews, such as Greenies and Pedigree’s Dentabone, are made to help reduce plaque and tartar.

  • Throw ’em large bones.

    Giving your dog a big marrow bone or knucklebone from a cow often helps clean canine teeth. Some veterinarians recommend boiling them for safety or freezing them raw to make them harder. Bones are controversial, because they harbor bacteria and can cause blockages when chewed or swallowed. Never give a dog small sharp bones that can splinter.