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Boston Terriers — Personality Aplenty

By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

With a nickname like “American Gentleman,” you can expect your Boston Terrier to be good-natured, intelligent, and polite with a sense of humor. But like many American gentlemen, they embody a little bit of spunk and spirit that makes them unique.

Breeders and fanciers describe Boston Terriers as gentle, alert, and well-mannered. The dogs can be rambunctious, harkening back to their terrier ancestors. But that same energy can be redirected into rousing games of fetch, flyball, or agility.

Not known to be barkers, Boston Terriers don’t make the best guard dogs — especially because they’re too friendly to strangers! They adore children and senior citizens, making a properly socialized Boston an ideal pet for a young family or an empty-nester.

Bostons get along splendidly with other canine and feline pets. They enjoy having one another for companionship. If you’ve ever seen a pack of Bostons playing together, you know how much fun they can have!

Despite the Boston’s charming characteristics, you should consider these challenges that come with this canine “gentleman”:

  • Unstable temperament: Bostons bred by unethical and inexperienced breeders may not exhibit stable demeanors. Obedience instructors and veterinary behaviorists counsel many clients whose Bostons display neurotic behavior, such as ceaseless barking, hyperactivity, and aggression. Purchase your dog from a reputable breeder who knows how to select for stable temperaments.
  • Housetraining difficulties: Drawing on that terrier stubbornness, Bostons can be difficult to housetrain. Plan to spend at least six months training your dog before you see results.
  • Snorts and snores: Because of their shortened muzzles, Bostons tend to snort, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. Some Boston owners find these little noises endearing, but they drive others crazy! In some cases, the noises can indicate breathing difficulties, and your veterinarian can diagnose and treat any problem or potential problems.