How to Detect Kitten Emergencies - dummies

How to Detect Kitten Emergencies

By Dusty Rainbolt

Part of Kittens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You usually don’t have to do much to keep your kitten healthy. But kittens are rambunctious, not to mention curious, and your small feline bundle of fur may encounter something that necessitates a quick trip to the vet. Emergency care is required for everything from eating something she shouldn’t to catching the feline flu. Take your kitten to the vet immediately if you notice

  • Bleeding you can’t stop

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Unconsciousness or lethargy

  • Staggering or seizures

  • Bloody pee or poop

  • Pooping more than twice in an hour or straining in the litter box with no results

  • Repeated bouts of vomiting in a short time or diarrhea with vomiting

  • Signs that she’s swallowed something poisonous such as mouth irritation, drooling, vomiting, seizures, or fever

  • Signs of pain, such as swelling or inability to use her leg

If you suspect that your kitten has swallowed something toxic, call ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 800-342-9293 or 888-426-4435. The call costs $50, but it could save your kitten’s life.