How to Make an Entry into the Bitcoin Blockchain - dummies

How to Make an Entry into the Bitcoin Blockchain

By Tiana Laurence

If you have two Bitcoin wallets, you can make an entry into the Bitcoin blockchain. You do that by sending Bitcoins between your two wallets. Here’s how (the specifics vary from one wallet to the next, but this is the general idea):

  1. Log into the Bitcoin wallet that you added the initial funds to.

    It prompts you to enter the recipient.
  2. Navigate to the page where you can send money, and copy and paste your vanity address into the address field.
  3. Enter a small amount of money that you would like to send, and then click Send.

Congratulations! You’ve just sent your first permanent message! You have forever engraved your message into the history of Bitcoin.

If you enjoyed learning how to do this and want to take your knowledge further, you can access this helpful online tutorial on sending Bitcoin messages.

A Bitcoin transaction normally takes ten minutes to be confirmed, but could take several hours. The larger the value of the transaction, the longer you should wait. An unconfirmed transaction has not yet been included in the blockchain and is still reversible.