How to Fix Wallpaper Bubbles - dummies

By Gary Hedstrom, Peg Hedstrom, Judy Ondrla Tremore

Fixing wallpaper bubbles or bumps is a simple, five-minute process. Knowing how to fix wallpaper bubbles and bumps prevents further damage like tears or rips. Wallpaper bubbles occur when a weak bond between the wallpaper and wall causes the wallpaper to lift or when a glob of wallpaper paste wasn’t smoothed out when the paper was hung.

To fix an air-filled wallpaper bubble, you’ll need a utility knife, a syringe, glue, a damp sponge, and a roller.

1Use the utility knife to slit the bubble.

Be sure to keep the slit as small as possible so it won’t be visible when the repair is done.

2Push down on the bubble to remove the air from the bubble.

Push down on the bubble to get all the air out from under it. If you only just hung the paper, try to press down on the bubble without applying more glue. If that doesn’t hold, then use some glue in a syringe.

3With a syringe, squirt glue into the opening.

You can get a syringe (or glue applicator) at a hardware story or home center.

4Smooth the deflated bubble with a roller.

Don’t press down too hard, because you’ll take out too much of the glue and the seam will loosen.

5Wipe off excess adhesive with a damp sponge.

If allowed to dry, the excess adhesive will dry with a noticeably shiny finish.