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How to Prepare for a Landlord Inspection of Your Clean Home

By Gill Chilton

Cleaning the stains from your home and preparing for an inspection may not be painless, but there are things you can accomplish without spending money. Here are a few cheap home maintenance tips.

If you rent, your landlord may periodically check in for an inspection. Your rental contract will have specific guidelines on how much time your landlord must give you. Usually, this is at least 24 hours.

An even more thorough inspection will most likely occur before moving out. Unless you want your landlord to deduct money from your deposit, do what you can to get the place ready!

Get everyone to help

Arrange a time of day for everyone who lives in the place to be in. Then commit the next hour – or better still, two hours – to working together on just this project. Tell anyone who can’t, or won’t, participate that they have to contribute in other ways. Buying cleaning supplies is fine. If the offer is drinks instead, get them to deliver in advance.

Check your rental agreement

You sign a contract when you first move in agreeing to keep the place in good order. But it’s the details you need right now. Read through your rental contract to see whether your responsibilities include keeping the garden neat, the paint fresh, or major appliances in good working order. You may find that you’re not actually responsible for as much as you’d thought.

Your contract also reminds you of things you promised not to do, such as keeping a cat or running a home business. On inspection day, your conscience dictates whether you hide the kitten and professional power tools in a cupboard or come clean and hope you’re not told to go.

Keep the numbers down

Now is not the time for overnight visitors, especially any that have become semi-permanent. If you’re a sole tenant, sweep into a suitcase or storage box all your girl or boyfriend’s belongings littering the bedroom and bathroom. Also check clothing left out to dry and be certain that there are no letters in sight addressed to your partner at this address.

Create temporary storage

You can clean up, vacuum, and sweep much faster if hoards of possessions aren’t in your way slowing you down. Don’t waste time finding cupboard space for items such as musical instruments, college course work, or piles of magazines that you know are going to go straight back onto the floor afterwards. Dump them into the car instead.

Ask for a reprieve

When there’s a genuine reason why you’ve fallen behind with everyday home care, tell your landlord. Leave out the bit about the brilliant birthday party, but you can talk about the increased pressure of a new job or a family member’s illness. Your landlord simply wants to know that, when all’s even again in your world, the house will return to order. Suggest a time within the next month to repeat the inspection.