How to Make the Bathroom Sparkle in a Hurry - dummies

How to Make the Bathroom Sparkle in a Hurry

By Gill Chilton

Sometimes the sudden arrival of guests requires that you give the bathroom a quick cleaning instead of the wall-to-wall cleaning this important room deserves and usually needs.

  1. Clear soaps, flannels, nail brushes, and so on off the sink and bath ledge.

    Popping them into the empty side of your cleaning caddy is quickest.

  2. Spray your chosen bathroom cleaner around the sink, onto taps, and at the base of the shower tray.

    Every other day or so spray the bathtub as well.

    Some bathroom surfaces, particularly if they’re old and worn, can’t safely withstand multi-purpose bathroom sprays. Check the container to see whether the cleaner is safe for your surface. Some sprays can weaken enamel coating over time. When in doubt, use a specialist cleaner or washing-up liquid for bath surfaces.

    Whilst the cleaner works to dissolve oil and dirt, move on to the toilet.

  3. Pull on the rubber gloves you use just for toilet cleaning.

  4. Wipe the flush handle, then the lid and seat (both sides) with disposable wipes.

    Flush the wipes away, if it’s safe to do so. If not, pop them into the plastic bag, seal the bag, and put it in the rubbish bin.

  5. Visually check the toilet bowl.

    If you see no hard deposits or limescale rings, simply use toilet cleaner, squirting it slowly around the rim.

  6. Brush any matter away with firm, even pressure as you move the scrub brush briskly back and forth.

  7. Take off the gloves to remove any chance of contaminating washing areas.

    If you have sensitive hands, pop on your second pair of gloves.

  8. Using flannels – and the showerhead where it reaches – rinse cleaner from the bath, sink, taps, and shower tray.

  9. Pull out any hair from the sink and bath traps.

  10. Shine the sink with a clean, dry flannel.

  11. Pop the soap and other paraphernalia back onto counters and ledges.

  12. Wipe smears off the mirror and glass shower doors with the microfibre cloth.

  13. Check the floor as you back out of the room.

    Deal with any splashes, dust or hair debris, and so on with the flannel you just used to shine the sink. Dampen it just a little to pick up dust more effectively. Once a week take more time to clean the bathroom floor thoroughly.

On really busy days, skip the shower. For hygiene, your priority is disinfecting the toilet seat, handle, and bowl. Cosmetically, a clean sink comes after that, with niceties like changing the towels way down on the list.

If guests arrive and you have zero time to clean, change the towels if you do nothing else, and open a vent window so that the room gets aired.