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How to Make Party Clean Up a Breeze

By Gill Chilton

Entertaining begins with a clean home and charming host or hostess. The secret to successful entertaining lies in setting a few limits. Cut your preparation and after-the-event clearing up substantially by setting restrictions in these key areas:

  • The number of rooms open to your guests: Close the door on unnecessary work by shutting off out-of-the-way rooms. For a supper for friends, for example, you might concentrate your time and cleaning efforts on the room where you’ll eat, the lounge, and the bathroom.

  • The variety of food and drink that you offer: Restaurants offer a full menu because they have plenty of staff and an amazingly well-stocked freezer. But as the home entertainer, you know your guests and can find out whether a guest prefers a veggie or low-carb option.

  • A time limit to the occasion: It’s not just children’s parties that benefit from having start and finish times. Letting guests know what’s expected of them allows you as host to allocate to yourself sufficient time to get ready for your guests and clear the decks after they have left.

The people you invite to your home come to see you and to enjoy your company. If they wanted to see spotless floors and immaculate furnishings, they could tour a show home or traipse through a furniture store.

Be prepared by getting out everything you need ahead of time. In particular, organise the glasses. If you haven’t used them recently, restore a clean gleam by washing in soapy water, rinsing in a solution of hot water and a tablespoon on white vinegar, and drying with a linen cloth. Polish away any scratches by rubbing over them with a toothbrush topped with a pea-sized dab of white, non-gel toothpaste.

Whether you let guests help themselves to drinks or tend bar yourself, leave a clear-up kit of cloths and kitchen roll (paper towels) by the bottles.

Be creative with lighting on evening occasions. Turning down the dimmer switch or placing lamp stands with upturned lighting in the main room very effectively hides the state of your carpet or the marks where the cat clawed the chair.