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How to Make Bathroom Cleaning Easier

By Gill Chilton

Bathroom cleaning is quicker and more pleasant in a room that is well organized and efficiently used. Make sufficient storage to keep lotions, make-up, razors, and toothbrushes off window ledges and sink edges.

Buy a wall cabinet with a door and encourage everyone to store their bathroom articles in it. You can take out the contents and clean this cabinet semi-annually rather than cleaning monthly as you need to with open shelving.

Bacteria multiply in wet conditions. Besides, damp flannels (washcloths) smell, so always rinse yours clean, then air-dry – but not, over the side of the sink. Although it’s a popular choice, but it’s an awful one for so many reasons, including the fact that it’s unsightly and it invites others to use a flannel that should be for one person only.

So be discreet. Hanging your flannel on a rack on the bath is okay, but using a new flannel each time you wash solves the problem and is infinitely more hygienic. Keep a laundry basket in the bathroom ready to receive used flannels as well as towels and clothes changed at bath time.

Other tips to make the bathroom look neater and easier to clean include:

  • Buy a soap dish with a drip tray: China looks prettier than plastic and you can simply stick it in the dishwasher periodically.

  • Choose bath bubbles over oils for an easier-to-clean tub. Acrylic tubs are most prone to rings, so wipe them down after every bath.

  • Lift out plastic slip mats to dry every day: They can mark the bath if left in permanently, because bathroom heat may stick them to the bath. Also, water gets trapped underneath and promotes the growth of germs and mould.

  • Recharge your shaver in another room: You may have to buy a two-pin adaptor plug, but you avoid the unsightly look and cleaning inconvenience of a shaver dangling in front of the mirror.

  • Hang towels on a towel-rail, not the side of the bath.

  • Change towels and bath mats frequently – twice weekly if you can. Having two complete sets in different colours may jog your memory on changing. It also makes it easy to launder the whole lot at the same time, thereby avoiding leaving a mangy towel behind.

Fit a simple high shelf that children can’t reach for the toilet cleaner and spare loo roll. If you’ve space, also stack extra towels and flannels here.

Always send children back to pick up the towel they left on the floor, or empty out the sink, or do anything else they forgot to do! One day, these will become automatic habits.

Pick up the free perfume samplers from beauty counters. They make great bathroom fresheners that smell a whole load classier than most room sprays. Perfume can stain, however, so dot it onto the extreme corner of a towel or spray it into the centre of the room with care, avoiding fabric curtains, wood, and anything else that can’t handle an alcohol-based liquid.

Keep a box of disposable plastic gloves in the bathroom for any truly ghastly clean-ups. It’s not over-the-top to wear a mask over your mouth and nose when you’re clearing up after someone’s been sick. This type of protection can help you face what has to be a thorough cleaning and disinfecting job. In addition, if you can’t handle a smell, dab a little vapour rub) under your nose to mask the smell.