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How to Keep Your Kids Playroom Clean

By Gill Chilton

A playroom can be a challenge to keep clean. Children lucky enough to have a room in the house given over solely to toys also get the benefit of having to tidy everything away less often. If you can shut the door on it all each evening, chances are you’ll be more relaxed about leaving a train set on the floor or an unfinished jigsaw on the table.

This is great for everyone, but can cause huge shocks when you decide it’s time for a clean-up. To keep everyone happy, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a time when the children are out.

  2. Open the windows fully.

    Due to safety concerns, playrooms tend to be among the least ventilated. Remember to close and child-lock the windows when you finish.

  3. Wear an apron with pockets.

    Dumping tiny items you come across while working into a pocket to sort later is a huge timesaver.

  4. Get two boxes.

    As you pick up toys off the floor, take the opportunity to inspect them for damage. Put everything that needs a repair or cleaning into one box to deal with later and fill the second box with toys ready for next playtime.

  5. Dust the shelves and use a spray cleaner to disinfect hard surfaces.

    Pay attention to light switches and the wall areas around them, which may be exceptionally grubby.

  6. Vacuum with care.

    If you’re concerned that small bricks or doll shoes will be sucked into the machine and lost forever, do a quick sweep with a soft bristle broom first.

Rotating toys – a month in the playroom, a month in the garage, then back out to the playroom – makes playtime fresher for a child, and also stops the room from disappearing under clutter. Be ruthless and sell or give away any that they are now too old for.