How to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture - dummies

How to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

By Gill Chilton

It is difficult to keep a clean home if your furniture is covered in claw marks from the resident feline. Cats adore hunting and sharpening their claws, and, clever creatures that they are, they don’t need the natural recourses of live mice or tree bark to do these things. They’re quite happy to use your carpet, curtains, and furniture instead.

Until you’ve lived with a wilful cat, you can’t over-estimate the amount of damage one determined feline can do with its claws. Cats have even been known to balance on chairs and shelves to sharpen their claws on wallpaper.

Your focus may be on damage limitation. If your cat is a scratcher, unless there is a good reason not to, you’ll save a great deal of angst and money by letting her go outside. To protect your furnishings, you may also want to:

  • Cover divan bed frames with a valance.

  • Make use of smells that cats hate. Use a lavender-scented furniture polish; add small trims of orange peel into a pot-pourri.

  • Secure delicate ornaments onto shelves with a dot of adhesive putty so that they won’t fall and break if kitty jumps up.

  • Go without net curtains. If privacy is an issue, consider light fabric blinds.

  • Choose short-pile carpets. Steer away from Berbers. The weave in these is such that if one thread is caught, a whole row quickly becomes pulled out.

  • Consider buying a scratching post, available at pet shops. (Once you have seen one in the shop you may decide to make your own.)

  • Avoid embossed wallpapers.