How to Fold and Store Clean Clothes - dummies

How to Fold and Store Clean Clothes

By Gill Chilton

Once you have gone to all the trouble of removing stains and cleaning your clothes, do yourself a favour and maintain them. Don’t make yourself re-do the cleaning process before you need to wear them again. Do the final step in the washing chain correctly and whenever you open your wardrobe and drawers, you’ll always have smart, clean clothes ready to greet you.

Less is more! Give the clothes that you like the hanging and folding space they deserve by regularly shifting those you don’t wear. In the wardrobe, give enough distance so that items don’t touch each other.

Develop a wardrobe system that works for you. Popular ideas are:

  • Colour coding: Clothes run from black, navy, down to cream and white.

  • Like with like: All skirts together, all trousers together, and so on.

  • By occasion: Formalwear together, workday clothing together, and casual clothing together.

Keep clothes in shape by hanging up with buttons and zips fastened.

Fold jumpers (sweaters) across, not down. Gravity makes horizontal creases drop out more easily when you wear them.

Rotate bedding and towels by always putting just washed items onto the bottom of the pile in the airing cupboard.

More synthetic clothes mean fewer clothes-moths about. So unless you’ve had a problem, it’s over-the-top to get out mothballs. A lavender sachet in the wardrobe is a gentler, more pleasant deterrent.