How to Feed Your Cat and Dog Cleanly - dummies

How to Feed Your Cat and Dog Cleanly

By Gill Chilton

There are ways to reduce the amount of clean up that is created by your pet. Consider an outer room, if space allows, such as a utility area to feed your pet. A utility area often has a sink to wash your pet’s dishes and any knives or spoons you use to dish out the food. Store your pet’s food here too – only opened cans need the fridge.

To clean food and water dishes, use hot water and dishwashing liquid, then rinse bowls thoroughly before drying with a paper towel.

Stand food and water bowls inside a large plastic tray and you protect the floor from spills and can also keep the tray clean by washing it in a solution of bleach and hot water each week.

Avoid feeding your pet on carpet, which is a chore to wash. Remember, cats don’t have to be fed on the floor. A worktop (but not, of course, a kitchen worktop!) may be suitable.

Limit feeding times. How often you feed your pet is probably dictated by your working day, as much as its needs. But for good hygiene, you need to get those bowls cleared up promptly, especially in hot weather. Teach your animal to eat immediately so you can wash up his food bowl before you go to work. (Leave the water out and, if you’re out all day, some dry food.)