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How to Clean Your Home for Visitors

By Gill Chilton

Set aside extra time for cleaning in the days before you expect guests so that you can present your sparkling home. While it may seem you are doing tons of extra cleaning to prepare for your guest, you’re actually doing the same cleaning you always do. You’re just cramming in big jobs, such as shampooing the carpets perhaps, that you might otherwise have spread over the next month or so.

After the guests leave, you can relax and enjoy a spruced-up home for the next fortnight or so. Here are some tips to help prepare for your guests:

  • Concentrate on shifting clutter. More people about the place definitely means less space. Scoop paperwork, magazines, and items you don’t have time to put away properly into a lidded crate and hide it away.

  • Free up tabletops so that your guests have somewhere to stand that welcoming drink. Put out extra mats and drinks coasters to protect furniture from ring marks. Position plenty of ashtrays if you permit smoking indoors.

  • Pay good attention to the hall. If it looks clean and inviting, your guests are likely to see the rest of the house in the same light, even if other rooms aren’t so sparkling.

  • Dust mirrors, pictures, and any other notables, such as unusual ornaments or collections. Guests always check these out.

  • Assess the damage potential of your guests. A score of teenagers romping through the lounge may mean clearing all breakables and protecting upholstery with washable throw covers. But it’s good sense to put away anything irreplaceable anytime you host a large or lively event.