How to Clean Your Baby’s Bedding - dummies

By Gill Chilton

Providing a baby with sufficient protection against germs is a challenge. This makes it especially important to clean your baby’s bedding. Because the hand-to-mouth reflex is so strong, every surface that your newborn touches needs to be as clean as you can make it. Fortunately for both sanity and cleaning time, your young baby can’t move about.

Expect to change your baby’s sheet several times a day. Inspect it closely whenever you take your baby out of the cot (crib). If you can see staining, whip the sheet right off for a hot-water machine-wash. Buy around six bottom sheets – choose ones with fitted corners for fast changes.

Babies need waffle-weave blankets, never duvets under which they could get too hot. Hot machine-wash blankets frequently.

Mattresses are often washable on one side. Follow label instructions to sponge them clean. Dry scrupulously. If your baby wets or soils on the non-washable side, avoid unnecessary wetness as you clean up.

Scrape solids with a knife, and then blot up the worst onto an old towel or several thicknesses of paper towel. Use the foam from a bowl of soapy water to sponge clean the fabric, then rinse with a clean sponge. Only bring your baby back to the mattress when it is thoroughly dry.