How to Clean the Secondary Glazing of Windows - dummies

How to Clean the Secondary Glazing of Windows

By Gill Chilton

Sometimes, your cleaning doesn’t stop with the outside window pane. You may also need to clean the secondary glazing. A second layer of glass that fits in front of your windows is the traditional budget choice for draughty, older style windows. But the annual clean of this secondary glazing (similar to storm windows) is no picnic.

Always get help. Lifting out the inner pane of glass is a heavy, two-person job.

Concentrate your cleaning on the side that you can’t get to when the glazing is in place – that’s to say, the inside of your original windows and the outside of the glazing panes.

The opposite is true for storm windows – focus on the inside of the storm window and the outside of your fixed window. The other two sides you can do anytime you wash the rest of your home’s windows. Just doing the two hidden sides is enough work for one session.

Lay some sheeting on the floor before you start so that you have somewhere to place each large pane of glass. Working very carefully, slide one pane away from the corner and, by tilting the right edge downwards, lift and manoeuvre it out of the top of the frame. Lay the glass safely onto your sheeting so that the side you want to clean is on the top.

Aim simply to dust. Once you add water, you up the risk of smears.

With the inside of your original window exposed, you can now get down to serious cleaning. First, vacuum dirt up from the sills and around the frame – there’ll be plenty! Wash window frames if needed and dry them before cleaning the windows.

Replace the secondary glazing only when you’re certain everything is quite dry.