How to Clean the Inside of Your Car - dummies

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car

By Gill Chilton

One of the most satisfying parts of your car to clean is the interior. This is, after all, where you spend most of your time. However careful you are, you can’t stop dirt from getting into your car. Most of it comes in through the feet of you and your passengers, but traffic fumes and airborne dirt also get in through the windows and air ventilation grills.

To get rid of the grime inside, use both the upholstery and the crevice tool to vacuum inside your car. Give the dashboard and shelving a vacuum. Also, remember to dip into the door wells and the parcel shelf, too.

Remember to stand an upright machine on a mat to protect its wheels and so that it doesn’t suck up gravel from the drive as well!

Beating cloth seats with the back of a brush raises dust to the surface, making it easier to vacuum out.

Get right around all the buttons and dials on the dashboard with a soft paintbrush. For absolute fastidiousness, nothing beats a cotton bud (cotton swab) for getting into tight, dusty corners.

Don’t forget to clean the front edge of the sunroof, which is its dirtiest part. Simply open it up a bit and give it a clean.

Treat leather as you do leather furniture in your home: Use only soft cloths and give it an annual feed with a leather-care product.

For a major clean, when you shampoo throughout the car, use a specialist spray product that’s low on foaming and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Dirty seats come cleaner if you use a brush, rather than a sponge, to work in the shampoo. Take care not to get the material too wet. Remember that the only means you have of drying your car is opening the doors.

Sitting in the back seat with the front seat pushed forward gives you access to practically all the roof. Using a sponge, work the cleaner into the fabric, using gentle, even pressure. Swap to a soft cloth to wipe off the dirt, rinsing and wringing out your cloth often.