How to Clean Pillows - dummies

By Gill Chilton

So unless you adopt a yearly throw-away-and-replace approach, cleaning pillows is a must. You want to rest your head someplace clean and cosy. Your feather pillow tells you when you’re overdue for laundering – disgustingly enough, it get heavier due to all the dust mite droppings inside! Prevent that unpleasant thought by washing your pillow every 6 to 12 months.

Washing pillows can mean a surprising amount of hassle. So give yourself longer between washes by using a pillow protector. You don’t have to spend money, just use an old pillowcase under the top one.

Material Cleaning Special tips
Foam Sponge with soapy water. Don’t immerse. Don’t squeeze out. Dry slowly indoors or out of direct
sun outdoors.
Feather Machine wash one at a time (because they’re so heavy when
Peg on an outdoor line to dry. Be patient. Even with regular
shakes, drying may take three days! Find a warm undisturbed drying
place: Use an airing cupboard if you have one, otherwise leave it
on a towel on the floor in front of a radiator. Make sure
it’s completely dry before you sleep on it.
Polyester and hollow fibre Machine wash on delicate cycle; tumble dry. Shake and stretch back into shape before drying to avoid

Regularly air feather pillows outside on dry days.

When you simply can’t wait for a feather pillow to line-dry, you may be driven to use the dryer. Do so at your own risk. A wet pillow may be too heavy a load for your particular dryer’s drum. Putting a child’s machine-washable trainer (sneaker) into the drum at the same time helps balance the load.