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How to Clean in Preparation for Overnight Guests

By Gill Chilton

Most of the preparations that you do before people stay over in your home are to do with welcoming, rather than cleaning. So take yourself into the room where your guests are going to sleep. Sit on the bed and try to think what extras would make you feel at home in this room.

You probably only need to do minimal cleaning. Vacuum and make up the bed with fresh bedding. Many people like two pillows and as well as the duvet, leave an extra blanket in case your guests keep their central heating higher than you do. Don’t forget to leave fresh hand-towels on the bed.

For a children’s sleepover party, there’s no need to do the preparations you might with conventional overnight guests, such as clearing out wardrobe space. Ask the children to bring their sleeping bags. Limit numbers so that your child and her friends can all sleep in the same room, even if this means taking out the desk and chest of drawers.

Unlike daytime events, where you can police what your children do, eat, and drink, sleepovers tend to mean a freer rein. Staying up too late and snacking into the night are the name of this game. So you’ll need to backtrack on cleaning and tidying away, too. This is also one event where you will have time to do it all in the morning: young guest tend to sleep late.