How to Clean and Prevent Animal Waste Problems - dummies

How to Clean and Prevent Animal Waste Problems

By Gill Chilton

One of the main issues for pet owners is how to clean up what comes out of your animal. People have moved house to get away from persistent indoor fouling by their cats and dogs. It really can be that bad. Don’t let this happen to you!

Accidents and behaviour problems leading to fouling happen. But failing to clear up the mess completely leads to repeat performances. Unless you clear up very thoroughly, your pet will recognise its own smell and see the inappropriate patch as its rightful place to perform!

Once urine has penetrated into floorboards and been left to sit for a long time, the potential for smell is always there. The damp atmosphere from a rainy day or an innocent water spill on the spot wakes up that pungent ammonia smell. There is no short cut: you simply have to go on cleaning and then cleaning again until you get up all the stain and smell.

If you keep a pet, be prepared to deal with waste products by having at hand an old spoon, disposable gloves, and a protective-breathing mask to block out the smell. Clearing up is an unpleasant and sometimes lengthy task that you are more likely to stick to if you’re suitably equipped.

Think about how to present your garden or back yard to your pet. Just as a puppy gets quickly trained to go outside, it’s relatively easy to teach your pet to confine itself to one section of the garden. It sounds unpleasant, but choosing a area for this purpose is best. Your task at picking up afterwards is easier – and you can tread safely throughout the rest of the garden.

You can also buy commercial products from pet stores that are designed to break down your dog’s excrement sooner, which may help combat fly problems in summer.

A woman who shows large dogs, and therefore has many, has the novel solution of an outside flush toilet. This means she can clean up her concrete yard in moments. But it’s an excessive approach if you’ve only a dog or two.

If your outdoors is mainly concrete or lawn, the only solution may be putting waste material out with the rubbish. Keep a scooped trowel only for this purpose and a small lined dustbin, with a weather-tight lid, alongside the bed. On the day when your rubbish is collected, simply seal up the bag and discard it with everything else.