How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Decking - dummies

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Decking

By Gill Chilton

The stunning decks seen on TV garden shows have inspired many thousands of imitators. But to keep it beautiful, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. On TV the chat is always how ripping up the lawn brings an end to all that time you waste mowing.

Very regular sweeping is the key to decking maintenance. Brush the inevitable dust away to stop it from combining with grease from bare feet (yours and your pet’s!) and everyday spills to become ground-in dirt.

The heat of summer causes wood to shrink, so for safety’s sake, keep a look out for splinters or small shards of wood that break away.

On occasion, hose down the decking. If it’s particularly dirty, you may want to use a proprietary decking cleaner. Garden centres have a good selection. Look for any moss in the grooves of the wood and remove using gloved fingers or a water pressure-cleaner. If a bad outbreak has left the wood underneath looking ragged, lightly sand the spot. However, you will then have to re-stain or re-wax the wood.

Annually, keep the wood watertight with a coating of sealant, preferably one that contains wax. Wash and dry the decking before putting this on.

For speed, and so that you don’t have to bend down, re-wax decking using a paint roller on an extension pole.