How to Clean and Change a Goldfish Bowl - dummies

How to Clean and Change a Goldfish Bowl

By Gill Chilton

Dogs and cats are obvious culprits of household messes. However, some kids prefer goldfish. You will want to make sure you clean and change the goldfish bowl.

Cold-water fish such as goldfish are way more sensitive than you may imagine. Moving them into water that’s a different temperature, or that’s come straight from the tap and so has a high chlorine content, can make them die of shock. So never rush the fortnightly chore of washing your cold-water fish’s bowl.

Begin by organising a temporary home. Any small, clean bowl that you can fill with water from his main bowl will do. Your fish lives in here for a day, whilst the fresh water that you put into his main bowl comes up to room temperature. Use a net to pop your fish in safely.

Now – get cleaning. Empty out rocks and use hot water and a commercial cleaner specially designed for your fish to soak away dirt and germs. Rinse with cold water, pop the rocks back, and refill the bowl. After 24 hours, it’s ready for your fish.

If a fish dies, scrupulously clean out the bowl before putting another fish into it. Ask at the pet shop for a chemical cleaner and follow instructions.