A Basic Cleaning Kit for Personal Valuables - dummies

A Basic Cleaning Kit for Personal Valuables

By Gill Chilton

The unhurried cleaning of favourite possessions can provide an absorbing, relaxing way to spend a cosy afternoon at home. What you won’t want is to spend an hour or so beforehand searching for equipment. So get the following together in a storage box and, when the mood takes, you’ll be ready to go.

  • Adhesive: With old objects, cleaning is often akin to repairs. You need a permanent resin epoxy for piecing together hard but porous surfaces such as china as well as standard household glue for tears in paper.

  • Blunt-edged toothpicks: These are invaluable for picking out dirt from tiny places.

  • Compressed air: Gets dust out without leaving smears.

  • Cotton buds (cotton swabs): The top choice for precision cleaning. Use these to apply cleaning solutions and to absorb them from delicate items.

  • Distilled water: Choose this when the impurities of tap water may be too much for very fragile items.

  • Metal polish: Use to clean silver, brass, and other metals.

  • Old toothbrush: It’s the perfect mini-scrub brush for small surfaces.

  • A range of cloths: A microfibre cloth, an old T-shirt, a scrap of silk, and ordinary rags make a good collection.

  • A small bottle-brush: Those sold to clean the teats (nipples) of baby’s bottles are perfect for getting scrubbing power to small places.

  • Soft brushes: Get a combination of small paint and make-up brushes for dusting and brushing off dirt.

  • Washing-up liquid: Soap for sensitive skin has a neutral pH – meaning it’s neither alkaline nor acid. So it’s gentle on your precious objects as well as your skin.

With this collection of implements to hand, you can give special attention to all your special objects.