Hobby Farming: Basics of Farm Animal Care - dummies

Hobby Farming: Basics of Farm Animal Care

By Theresa A. Husarik

Part of Hobby Farming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

What’s a farm without animals? A hobby farmer who wants to raise animals must understand that he or she is responsible for their care. Animals need food, water, exercise and clean shelter everyday. Good hygiene and care can deter health problems. This is the minimum care you should give your farm animals:

  • Provide clean (and unfrozen) water daily.

  • Provide sufficient food (each animal has different diet requirements).

  • Keep the living area clean.

  • Provide proper grooming (each animal has different needs)

  • Provide exercise or the opportunity for the animal to just get out and run.

  • If animals are herd animals (such as alpacas), be sure to have at least two.

  • Interact with your animals regularly not only so they get used to your being in the pen but also so bonds can form.