Turning Old Fabric into Gift Bags - dummies

Turning Old Fabric into Gift Bags

You can reuse gift bags and keep them out of the waste stream for a while, but you can go even greener and make your own gift bags from reused fabric, extending the useful life of the gift bag indefinitely.

To sew your own gift bag, follow these simple steps:

1Cut out a piece of fabric and fold it over on itself with the right sides of the fabric together.

The folded edge is the bottom of the bag.

2Sew two of the edges together.

You’re sewing the two sides of the bag.

3Decide what type of opening you want and make it so.

Either fold the open edge over and hem it, or cut it with pinking shears for a decorative top.

4Turn the bag right-side out, place the present inside, and tie the open side closed with a ribbon or yarn.

Voilà! At least part of your present is hand-made!